Mindfulness at Work

I provide company training in mindfulness that is customized for companies. What makes my training unique is that I have a deep background in mindfulness and also I’m a professor in the business school at USC where I teach “Leading with Mindfulness and Compassion”. In addition, I am the CEO of MarketingProfs, LLC.  In short, I have a practical understanding of the demands in an organization.

Mindfulness training increases emotional intelligence, the ability to master emotions and more productive collaborations. Leaders need to see challenges more clearly and make skillful decisions – which mindfulness improves.

In addition, health care costs have been skyrocketing. A way to help drastically reduce those costs is introducing your employees to the proven health benefits of mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness meditation has been scientifically shown to reduce stress, one of the leading causes of absenteeism, depresssion, and other conditions that help drive up the health related costs of a company.

Examples of programs I have provided to companies:

1 hour presentations on mindfulness.
2, 4 or 6 hour single day workshops, at your company. Perfect for workgroups of 20.
4 or 6 week mindfulness course consisting of 1 hour training per week, during the lunch hour or at the end of a workday.

Some of the companies I’ve worked with include:

Mindfulness Workshop for the Advertising Industry

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